I was fortunate to be introduced to Pete Coulson, founder of CFC Coaching last year. I was coming off a below average IM Canada performance (self trained/online coaching program) and wanted/needed a new direction.

I have been racing for 10 years. My goals were simple. I have trained with other well known coaching programs but the CFC Team and Pete Coulson have made a huge difference in my fitness, strategy and confidence going into this race season.

I highly recommend Pete Coulson and CFC to anyone serious about achieving their race goals. My race schedule has begun, my fitness level is much higher now than last year and I’m going to crush my next IM race. Thank you Pete and the CFC Team for making me strong! Please feel free to contact me if you need any additional information about CFC!

Thomas W. Hulick CIMA®

President & CEO, Holly Street Wealth

Pete has been absolutely fantastic. He has already helped me exceed multi-year performance plateaus in just a few months. Pete is also a very knowledgeable coach who practices and understands the importance of regular communication with his athletes. It has always been clear to me that Pete cares and wants me to reach my goals.

Brian Mann

Professor, Duke University

When I first met Pete Coulson in July 2013 I was already a fairly accomplished triathlete. Pete started coaching me in August 2013 after I decided to race my second Ironman that year, IM Florida in November. We had 12 weeks until the race and my goal was to qualify for Kona there.

I’ve been coached before, but I knew I hadn’t reached my potential in the sport. The workout schedules he was giving me were quite different than I had done in the past. I trusted his experience and didn’t question him like I did with previous coaches. My first race under Pete was Santa Barbara Long Course. I finished in First place with a PR of over 13 minutes. I felt strong and confident that I was headed in the right direction for the remainder of my racing season. Pete checks in with me almost daily and that’s something that means a lot. He truly cares about his athletes and it shows.
I raced two more Olympic distance triathlons before the Ironman and finished both in first place. I’ve had many podium finishes over the years but most of them were 2nd, 3rd or 4th place. Things were changing for me and I know it was because of his training plans and guidance.

Fast forward to Ironman Florida:
I had the race of my dreams and finished in 10:20:08 for 2nd place in my age group ( huge PR) and that Kona slot that had eluded me too many times the past few years! Pete has way more confidence in my abilities than I do myself…I am still working on that.

After the Florida race, I have achieved PR’s in both 10K and 13.1 races, which really surprises me being over 50. I have to attribute that to his coaching! Another big accomplishment for me was finishing in 1st place last weekend at the Oceanside 70.3. I have never been on top of the podium at that distance.

I have been so successful in all of my races since being coached by Pete. He knows how my body will respond to training better than I do. His advice and feedback is backed by many years of experience in the sport. Pete instills confidence and belief in the minds of his athletes. I tend to be hard on myself even when I race well, but Pete keeps me in check and always knows the right thing to say. I still have my dream race Kona in October, so I’m hoping the best is yet to come!

Lynne Fiedler


I arrived late in my life to the sport of triathlon with my first real challenge being Ironman Brazil back in 2008 when I had turned 40 years young. Up until a year ago, I was semi-disciplined and self-coaching myself reaching what I though then were plateaus in sprint, 70.3 and full 140.6 IM Distance competitions over the course of past 5 years. I had considered myself a pretty good athlete, gauging my performance number of all the bikes on my age group rack in T2 for a given race day.

I was introduced to Pete Coulson by my good friend and fellow CFC coach/athlete Katie Kyme. Initially, Pete and I didn’t speak so much about triathlon, per se, but got to know each other as friends. This was a different dimension for me, as we go to know each other away from the typical “how fast do you want to go/ I can do this for you, your training will be this” conversation one would expect from an initial coach/ client meeting. His expertise and depth of knowledge clearly became evident over a few beers and dinner that evening. From that point on, I knew I wanted to work with him.

Over the past year, the work I’ve put in with Pete’s guidance, coaching and mentoring has given me a completely renewed fitness level well above and beyond any of my expectaions and re-invigorated the excitement and drive of why I actually do triathlon in the first place. The gains have been clearly visible from my training regimen, have spoken volumes on race day performances and aided in my post race recovery as well.

The CFC philosophy is simple, put in the work, communicate, and the results will come. These days, I grin at the lack of bikes in my age group rack when I head out of T2.

Gabe Lara

The Walt Disney Company

Having developed an interest in marathon running, I was dragged into the triathlon world by one of my sisters back in late 2009 who convinced me to enter a sprint distance race put on by the local tri club to keep her company. After that I was hooked. I then dabbled a little in long course before dropping back to Olympic distance and competed in the World Age Group Championships in the Aquathon and Olympic Distance Triathlon in 2012. In 2013 I decided to focus a little more on running, and entered the Chicago marathon. I also entered Yeppoon 70.3 as a bit of a warm-up race before the marathon. At this stage, I had no coach, no program and little idea of how to prepare for a 70.3, and it certainly showed when I came to the race! Despite that I came 2nd in my age group and won a slot in the 2014 70.3 World Championship. However, I was keen for some expert guidance and was very fortunate to be introduced to Champion Factory.

I started training with them in December 2013. At that time, I had not been on a bike or in the pool for 4 months, and was wondering how or if I would ever improve. Since I started training with CFC, my passions for triathlon and running have been re-invigorated. After only a few months, my fitness has improved out of sight, and I am more confident in races. I have enjoyed both the challenge and the diversity of the training sessions. I’m swimming, biking and running faster than I ever have before and am loving it!  Having a coach who lives thousands of miles and many time zones away can be challenging, but we make it work, largely due to Pete’s accessibility whether it be by email, internet or skype. It has been great to have a training program that fits in with my professional life as a surgeon with its long and often unpredictable work hours. This year I’ve set new personal records in both triathlon and running events and can’t wait to see how much faster and stronger I can become. Thanks so much CFC!

Dr. Julie Howle

Oncologist and Surgeon

I have been working with CFC Coaching for just over a year. After 20 years of various types of endurance racing and several different coaching experiences I have finally found a coaching home in CFC. Pete Coulson has assembled some of the most knowledgeable and motivational personal in the industry.

My goals were simple but my travel and work schedule are not. Pete and the CFC team have been great at making the most out of the available time that I have to train. The most important thing is that I know that the program Pete has established allows me to reach my maximum potential given the constraints of work, family and travel.

I highly recommend Pete Coulson and CFC Coaching to anyone serious about achieving their maximum potential. When you start with Pete and the CFC crew you are not just becoming a client but you are joining the CFC family.

Greg Ortman

Investment Specialist