Performance Center


We are fortunate to partner with Swim Labs in Encinitas CA, and their very knowledgeable staff for swim analysis services.

Swim Labs state of the art facility and propriety ‘Dartfish’ digital analysis technology can aid even the most seasoned swimmer, using their mirrored warm-water pool and 360degree camera angles to give you a true picture of what is going on through your stroke.

As part of the Champion Factory program, you can join Swim Labs with the team swim coach so that there is complete transparency of your strengths and weaknesses, and your swim coach can then keep you accountable in training.

At the end of the session you receive a take home DVD complete with notes and visual reminders of correct technique.


Let’s face it, running is hard. And it’s made harder by all the opinions, views, debates, and pseudo-science regarding: shoes or no shoes, this type of sneaker versus another type, orthotics or no orthotics (custom or of the shelf), which color is fastest (now I’m getting less than serious, but most of the information regarding these things are about as valid as which color is fastest).

At the end of the day, none of these things matter much if the individual doesn’t run properly. And in my experience and observation along the roads of Southern California (and the US at large), most runners don’t run properly.

There are basic elements of kinematics and physics that just have to happen or else the runner is not going to run properly. Not running properly in turn results in poorer performance, injury, etc. The purpose of our run analysis is to break the run down into its most basic components, ensuring that the physics, kinematics and the skill acquisition are highly achievable and repeatable. Take out all the pains, rehab exercises, etc., and the most frequent comment I hear after the correction is “I run faster!” And isn’t that really the objective? To run faster?

And once we’ve corrected the run, if you feel like you need further guidance towards your PRs, then sign up with Pete and let him coach you through those milestones.


There are many things learned about the bicycle and its rider while spending 30+ hours per week racing/training for years on end. Success, failure and injury are also valuable in teaching. Then there is the knowledge that can only be gained from correcting the bad and the ugly that enters the therapy clinic. Succeeding in all fronts and having the ability to combine them, drawing from art and science, to help clients achieve or recover befalls only a few.

This skill set has been enhanced further by adding Retul 3D Motion Capture equipment and Certification to our standard fittings.

See link for further information on Retul 3D Motion Capture.

Contact Erik and have a discussion about issues, needs and wants. Then schedule a fitting session that best suits your preferences.


Erik bio pic
Erik loves sport! Equipped with an engineering brain. he opted for physical therapy/healthcare as a career (so he could work in sport). Combine those bits together and you get the world of sport and performance as seen by Erik. That’s not to say that he hasn’t watched, listened, and learned from those in the various industries, but since most of the past 19 years have been directed at “fixing” the things that have gone wrong, he’s gained very refined approaches to biomechanics, fit, and function. There are practices appropriate for the clinic and there are those interactions that are better suited for the well masses. With an aim for enhancing run and cycling mechanics, we are bringing the enhancement components under one roof to ensure that you not only achieve your goals, but remain healthy and happy as you pursue your limits!

  • Erik Bender, PT, HFA
  • Daemen College, Buffalo, NY – 1995 Degree in Physical Therapy
  • American Sports Institute, Birmingham, Alabama -1996 Sports Medicine Fellowship

Advanced Studies and Practice In:

  • biomechanics
  • run analysis
  • golf swing analysis
  • strength and conditioning
  • foot orthotics
  • manual therapy
  • kinesiotaping
  • rehab of the shoulder, pelvis, hip, knee and foot
  • corrective and performance based bike fits/run analysis since 2003
  • Retul certified- 2014
  • 18 years collectively of road, track, mountain, duathlon, triathlon racing
  • Pro-Am road (i.e. Athens Twilight, Redlands, Tour de ‘Toona, Manhattan Beach Grand Prix)