Nadar, Bicicleta, Correr: Costa Rica 70.3

June 26, 2017 5:56 pm

Our AG champ from Costa Rica 70.3, is a gorgeous Mumma with loads of energy. She splits her time between SoCal and CR so was feeling some home town race pressure leading up to the event, but definitely delivered!

Congrats again, Gina! You’re super busy down in Costa Rica, what are you and your husband (who also competed for the first time!!) doing down there?

Jim and I operate an Eco Adventure Park here in Costa Rica.  It’s where people on vacation come to do zip lining, see amazing animals from Costa Rica and play on the beach.

And how was it competing with Jim?

It was so much fun competing with Jim!  For the past 10 years he’s always come to my races and was the best support team member ever.  He patiently watched each race, helped me determine my placement during the run, etc.  But this time he DID it with me and it was a blast.  We saw each other like seven times out on the course between the bike and run- my heart jumped every time we ran into each other.

We’re excited to watch you in Chattanooga later in the year, how are you feeling about that?

I’m excited to go to Chattanooga.  I’ve never raced in Tennessee and while it will be a tough race (all my competition will be there), it will also be super fun because all my friends will be there also.  Its supposed to be a fun course.

What separates CR 70.3 from other races on the circuit?

Hah!  So many things separate CR 70.3 from others…. the weather is brutal (hot & humid), the course is pretty and the run is along the beach, but most of all the crowd support is out of this world.  It’s like being in Kona- there are over 4,000 people lining the entire run course screaming our names and playing music.  The supporters LOVE triathlon in Costa Rica so they think if you’re racing one you’re a rock star!  It’s like a huge party and provides a lot of adrenaline.

I know you had a big role to play in developing the race in that area, tell us the motivation behind that:

We have been doing triathlon in our area of Costa Rica for 10 years.  We had Rev3 come to CR about 8 years ago and ever since I’ve wanted Ironman to come here.  We worked with the local organizers of the many triathlons ( Unlimited Productions) and when Ironman Latin America started looking for a course we helped them bring the organizers here to Coco Beach and worked with them on the routes, organization, etc.

Anything else you’d like to add?

The only thing I’d add is that IM CR 70.3 is a FUN event.  It’s excellent for watching a loved one race and you’re also in paradise so you can go on vacation afterwards!  I highly recommend this race to people looking for something tropical, different, high energy and fun.

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