Ironwife: Angie Hall

November 2, 2015 12:52 am


We all know that Ironman cannot be completed without the support of family. Angie, wife of our soon-to-be ironman Mike, speaks candidly about her views on the infamous ironman build.


When Mike started triathlon, did you know the goal was ironman? I don’t think at the time I knew specifically that an ironman was the goal, but since Mike is always pushing himself I knew we were embarking on something long term. When I did put it all together that this was his goal I was very proud!

Has this process inspired you to do triathlon? Absolutely not! I’m perfectly content to just remain President of the Ironman Mike Hall Fan Club.

Are you hoping this is the last of the long ones – at least for a while? I am looking forward to this first long one being accomplished and behind us, but truth be told, l haven’t had very many complaints about the process. We’ve settled into a routine that works well for our family.

Spill some beans on Mike: has he been moody during these last weeks? Mike doesn’t do moody, he’s a very even keel personality. He did share with me at the end of his last half ironman “tune up” prep that he has some anxiety about the upcoming ironman, but you wouldn’t know it otherwise! You’ll just see him doing what has to be done. Always.

What are a few things you’ve learnt not to say about tris? (i.e. that cost HOW much?) Actually, I’m contractually obligated to have nothing to say! 5 or so years ago Mike wanted to really get into this (very) expensive sport and he knew I wanted another Great Dane so …..he made me a deal – I could get another Great Dane and he wouldn’t say a word about cost or inconvenience (he’s not an animal kind of guy) IF he could get into this sport and I don’t say anything about its cost/inconvenience. One Great Dane (and a kitten snuck in there) plus two bikes later….our happy deal is still going strong!

Worst post training image in your mind:¬†Once during a tri Mike got a cramp he just ran through and, as a result, his calf swelled to twice its size later that night. That was gross. However, it’s not so much after the race as during the race where my worst mental images are conjured. I guess I’m most worried about what I might see at, say, mile 18 of the run.

So Saturday night following the race, is it safe to assume you have date plans? Actually, we don’t have any special plans! I’ll need to rectify that right now.

Anything else funny/interesting that you’d like to share? Our daughters (13 and 11) love to come support their dad at his races! They know there’ll be long drives, an early bedtime, a very early morning, and long periods of waiting for a 2 second glimpse of dad going by, but still to every race they eagerly choose to come. Not only are they learning so much about commitment and goal setting, but I’m grateful they want to be a part of all this – as ironman races amount to our family “vacations” these days!

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