Iron Mom Jen

September 27, 2016 6:09 pm

A few weeks ago Jenny made the journey from Sydney to Queensland, Australia for the Ironman 70.3 World Championship to play host of CFC ‘Headquarters’, a beautiful apartment overlooking the course and overflowing with bikes, lycra and sports nutrition.


Thanks mum for coming up there, how was your week leading up to the race?

It was a beautiful relaxing stress free week for us – loved being a part of CFC HQ. All we had to do was keep the snacks topped up and the washing done….the hard work was done by team CFC. It was great too escaping the cold and wet that Sydney was enduring – summer had already arrived on the Sunshine Coast.


This isn’t your first World Champs and definitely not your first time spectating triathlon, how did this experience compare to others?

This venue was the best we’d ever been to – a huge congratulations must go to the organisers and all the amazing volunteers who had worked tirelessly to put the event together.
At other races we’ve had to drive or take buses to get to various transitions or good vantage points….here at the Sunshine Coast each leg was in extremely close proximity and it was just a matter of walking to the new viewing area. Wonderful food and coffee options all around us too!
I hope Australia gets another opportunity to host such a prestigious event – the atmosphere and location was fantastic.


What do you enjoy most about race day?

Cheering and watching you compete of course…!!
To be able to walk from the apartment and be caught up in the excitement and buzz of such a superb location was such a blessing. Everything we needed was at our fingertips. An extra special memory will be having VIP passes for the day – special viewing areas and access to delicious food all day, a crowd free area right at the finish line to see you come in with your wonderful smile – what more could a mother want!


I’ve heard some mothers say it is difficult to watch their children race and push themselves hard, have you found this to be the case too?

Having such a huge distance between us, I’m not seeing you when you’re totally worn out or sick….you’re usually bright and upbeat when we chat. I think I’m now so used to you working hard to achieve your goals – I can only admire your courage, strength and determination and thank God for all the ways He has protected and guarded you so that you can give Him all the glory.


From a spectator POV, what’s been your favourite race?

While I’ve absolutely loved travelling to many of your races and having the opportunity to see many different places, I’d have to say Sunshine Coast would have to be one of the best we’ve been to. As I’ve mentioned just to be able to walk from the apartment to each of the transitions and feel the buzz and enjoy superb food venues was so easy and relaxing.


And what’s the plan for the next tri?

I believe there’s talk of Busselton Dec 2017 but I hope I’ll get to see you compete before that. Oh, have never been to Chattanooga Tennessee, so would enjoy going there ????

Anything else you’d like to add?

So proud of you M – thank you for taking me on this amazing journey with you. Love you to bits xxx


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