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September 23, 2015 5:28 am

Back in November 2014, Zoot Sponsored athlete Jon Noon qualified for Kona at IM Cozumel with a third place AG finish in 9:40. His solid season peaked with second OA at Chula Vista Olympic, an AG win at Lake Stevens 70.3. Here we have an insight into his final thoughts in the lead up to IM World Championships.  

Jon Coz

How has it been different prepping for this ironman compared to others?
I suppose the prep hasn’t been all that much different. I have had Katie to train with, which would be the first time I had a good friend (and roommate) training for the same IM. We have done some things different to prepare for the heat. I bought a little space heater and warm humidifier for the garage and did the last 20-30min of some rides in there at 85% humidity and 90F.  I also did a sweat test in those conditions. As best I could I’ve trained to drink 3 bottles/hr on the bike, which is what I’ll need in Kona conditions.

What are some of the highlights of these last months?

It’s been really cool building for such an important race side by side with a close friend in Katie. The mini-camp Katie and I had with Pete was the best part! We logged big miles in the heat of Santa Clarita, while staying with Pete at his home. The meals at the end of 7-8h training days is definitely a highlight as well! California burrito being my main go-to.

Besides the finish line, what are you stoked about for this race?
I’m stoked to race a course’s landmarks that I’ve been geeking out over for several years now as a spectator. Like Kailua-Kona swim start, the Queen K and Hawi turnaround, the run up Palani and the Energy Lab and Alii Dr. I’m also super stoked to have family and friends all over the course! I have 8 people coming out supporting me!

Who inspires you
I draw inspiration from anybody that achieves mastery in their chosen craft. This is not just true about athletes, I have several artists that truly inspire me at the moment: Joel Rea and Nikki Norberg come to mind.

Race set up
Pete has advised me to run 404/808 front/rear race wheels, on Argon E118. I will use a Specialized Evade road helmet, and I will be outfitted in a custom Champsys/CFC Kona kit!

Jon Chula

You used to be a boxer, how has that experience prepared you for ironman racing?
I think there are lots of parallels between boxing and Ironman racing actually. For example, in boxing it is very important to control your emotions. Getting angry or over-excited in the ring is a waste of energy and makes you susceptible to poor decision making. The same is true about Ironman racing – getting too high or too low wastes energy and can make you lose your focus. Focus in both sports is crucial as little decisions are constantly being made that can change the course of the contest.
Obviously a certain level of toughness is required for both sports – I believe at all levels in both sports the difference between athletes is not physical at all, but a mental toughness.

What are your plans for next year?
To continue to get better and enjoy the process.
After much thought and consideration with Pete my plan is to not attempt to qualify for Kona next year. We will focus on 70.3, and build some speed at that distance, but still do a late season Ironman. Ever since getting into triathlon in 2012 my seasons have been almost completely consumed by 140.6 training.  Every scenario we could think of to have Kona be my late season Ironman in 2016 was still stuffing up my year with Ironman training.  We decided I will take the end of 2015 and all of 2016 to develop some speed and technique before tackling another Ironman late in the year. The plan now is to do 70.3s, international distance and even a couple Xterra’s until IM Barcelona on 10/2/2016.
I’m super excited for next year to be working with Pete and CFC; I truly believe it’s going to be a game changer.

Will we see you at the famous underpants run?
Meh, doubtful.

Pre race meal/final supper
Seems weird to people but I have liked sushi as my final supper. The clean protein, simple carbs, high in carbs/sodium, easily runs through the system, no fiber – ticks all the boxes. It is a common food all over North/South America too, so it being accessible I’m able to have some consistency in that last meal.

Pre race is usually two Ensure Plus, 1 banana, 1 Skratch hyper sipped up until race start, and a small Starbucks cold coffee (the pre-made ones sold everywhere).

Who are your Kona picks for the win?
Not because I’m American, but I think Andy Potts could win it – he has the experience, the past top 5 that is statistically a good way to pick the winner, he has great form (his 2015 time in CDA was 5min faster than in 2014 in tougher conditions), and he hasn’t been TOO active so he should be fresh.
Daniela Ryf will win on the women’s side, but it won’t be by 12min like her 70.3Worlds win was. Ha!

Inspirational quote/s that you’ll think of at about mile 20 of the run

This moment will never happen again.

Jon Lake S


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