Our Coaches

One of the most enigmatic characters in triathlon, Pete Coulson is also one of the most successful coaches in the history of triathlon. Originally from Australia (and trained there as a junior at the Australian Institute for Sport), Pete Coulson arrived in the U.S., bringing an experience in training that would shape the lives and careers of several of the most successful triathletes in the world.

Pete’s body of coaching work speaks for itself, working with successful pro triathletes Craig Alexander, Chris McCormack, Michellie Jones, Annabel Luxford, Heather Jackson and Matt Reed. He has also worked in tight concert with aerodynamics expert Simon Smart in understanding the technology to best mate athlete with equipment for optimal performance.

The result? Pete led his athletes to a pair of ITU World Championship titles, a silver medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, wins at Wildflower and an impressive four Hawaii Ironman world titles. In total, Coulson had a hand in over 200 victories across triathlon and AMA Supercross.

With fitness proving invaluable to the best athletes in motorsports, Pete’s expertise has segued seamlessly to Motocross, recently coaching AMA Supercross star Davi Millsaps.

Beyond that, Pete is an accomplished athlete in his own right, having earned three Masters World Champion titles on the velodrome.

Pete now brings that expertise, and over 20 years of experience to age group triathletes, working within the daily constraints of work, family and life to bring the best out of his athletes.

Katie has an interesting story. She was always an avid athlete growing up, excelling at most sports she played but had a special affection for running – namely track and x-country. Running runs in the family so it was no surprise that was always near and dear to her heart.

As an early teen she sustained an injury and was prescribed swimming as rehabilitation. Until that time nothing had the same appeal as the exhilaration of running, but perhaps the chlorine was addictive and soon she added swimming to her ‘list’ of passions.

Back then – and we’re talking about the 1990’s – triathlon was starting to gain momentum around Sydney. ITU racing was all the rage, with a few ironmans also in the mix. The suburb Katie was from had a strong showing of both types of athletes and so the seed was planted . . . firstly one of awe, then contemplation and finally courage.

Turns out, she kinda liked it. Katie won her first race, and never looked back.

The plan didn’t quite work out how she intended: in her late teens she was diagnosed with tumors in her head and told she wouldn’t race again. The seven long years of recovery following that hospital stint was exhaustive and often devastating but she prayed every day that a second chance would be granted. And it was! Eventually something clicked and one swim session turned into one run turned into a second-hand bike purchase turned into a race sign up. Since then, and within just a few short years, she had qualified for World 70.3 Championships, and since multiple times with a top 10 overall amateur result in 2013. She’s a four time All American, and Ironman All World Athlete.

In addition to competing, Katie coaches at the prestigious YMCA North County Masters Swim program, and has been coaching and mentoring with the Disney Tri Team for many years. Katie has had a lot of success with newbie athletes looking to embrace the triathlon and endurance lifestyle and is the right hand of Champion Factory Founder Pete Coulson in managing the team.

Erik loves sport! Equipped with an engineering brain. he opted for physical therapy/healthcare as a career (so he could work in sport). Combine those bits together and you get the world of sport and performance as seen by Erik. That’s not to say that he hasn’t watched, listened, and learned from those in the various industries, but since most of the past 19 years have been directed at “fixing” the things that have gone wrong, he’s gained very refined approaches to biomechanics, fit, and function. There are practices appropriate for the clinic and there are those interactions that are better suited for the well masses. With an aim for enhancing run and cycling mechanics,  we are bringing the enhancement components under one roof to ensure that you not only achieve your goals, but remain healthy and happy as you pursue your limits!

  • Erik Bender, PT, HFA
  • Daemen College, Buffalo, NY – 1995  Degree in Physical Therapy
  • American Sports Institute, Birmingham, Alabama -1996 Sports Medicine Fellowship

Advanced Studies and Practice In:

  • biomechanics
  • run analysis
  • golf swing analysis
  • strength and conditioning
  • foot orthotics
  • manual therapy
  • kinesiotaping
  • rehab of the shoulder, pelvis, hip, knee and foot
  • corrective and performance based bike fits/run analysis since 2003
  • Retul certified- 2014
  • 18 years collectively of road, track, mountain, duathlon, triathlon racing
  • Pro-Am road (i.e. Athens Twilight, Redlands, Tour de ‘Toona, Manhattan Beach Grand Prix)

Coaching Packages

Gold Level

  • Initiation consultation with Head Coach Pete Coulson and CFC coach
  • Personalised coaching under CFC Gold Tier, including weekly contact
  • Access to team training days in both San Diego and Los Angeles
  • Discounts on partner products, including Team Retul Bike Fit and Run Analysis
  • Team kit provided including kit, visor, socks and drink bottle. Extra team pieces available at discounted rate through Champion System
  • Trainingpeaks.com account
  • Four month commitment
  • $250/month

Platinum Level

  • Personalised coaching with head coach, Pete Coulson. Unlimited daily contact included via text, email and phone
  • Access to team training events in both San Diego and Los Angeles
  • Premium Training Peaks account and all the tools it offers
  • Access to team Retul Bike Fit and Run Analysis service at discounted rate
  • Minimum four month commitment
  • Team kit provided including race gear, visor, socks and drink bottle. Extra team pieces available at discounted price
  • Discounts on partner products
  • $400/month