Athlete Spotlight: Aimee Hookstratten

November 10, 2014 7:09 pm
1) Mum, athlete (and soon to be ironman), baker, business owner, is there anything you can’t do? How do you fit it all in?
1. Add to the list co-captain of the Beverly Hills Tennis Club Ladies League team (the Pink Cougars, and yes that is the name of our team.)  Fitting it all in is the biggest challenge.  And with two very active daughters, who swim competively and play tennis, organization is a necessity.  I schedule my training into my days as an ‘appointment.’  Every Sunday, I schedule for the following week, including training, the girls’ schedules, business meetings and production, and any other appointments I may have, down to hour.  It’s the only way things don’t fall through the cracks.  And I won’t miss my training unless it’s an emergency or I am sick – if I can’t train, I get grumpy – fast.
2) How did you get into tri?
2.  I grew up swimming competively from the age of 5 – 18.  I’ve always joked (there’s some truth here though)  that I am more comfortable in the water than I am on land. . . I was never a runner.  But after my dad passed away 4 years ago, I found that running somehow felt good – I could think, have some time to myself, and do something different than I had ever done before.  Next step was to try a sprint triathlon – first race was LA 2010.  I knew as soon as I finished the race that this would be my sport of choice for the rest of my life.  I loved it.
3) Race plans for 2015
3.  Ask Pete:)  Registered for oceanside 70.3 in March 2015 and IM Couer d’Alene in June 2015 (Surprise!!).  After the crash in Santa Barbara long course, I may want to do that again, just to past the first ever DNF I’ve ever had.  We’ll see how IMAZ goes, may do that again, or maybe not.
4) Favourite race and why
4. Favorite race so far:  Vineman 70.3.  It was my first 1/2 IM  and an incredibly beautiful ride.  And the swim made my laugh – when the water level in the river got to about 2 feet deep, everyone stood up and walked for a bit in the middle of the river….this is why I love this sport.  Every race is different and you’ve got to be ready for anything.  And any race that ends with really good wine is at the top of my list.
5) Back to this bakery thing – where does that come from and how do we get our hands on the goods?
5.  Baking business story:  Plumeria Fine Cookies was started 5 years ago, with my business partner who insisted that the public needed access to my baked goods, all of which came from family recipes.  (The  next time I know that I will see you guys I’ll bring some product for you to sample. . .). You know I’m holding you to this Aimee – this weekend . . . 
6) Anything else you’d like to share
4.  Here is a list of my injuries that I’ve had in the past 12 months, which has been the hardest year of my life after losing my mom in November and Ed in January – torn cartilage in ribcage, broken ankle, concussion, separated shoulder, sprained ankle.  The fact that I am going to make it to the start line in AZ is truly a miracle, and I’m so grateful to have Pete in my corner helping me get there:)  My time in the race is irrelevant – I will feel fortunate to be out there on the course that day, among the other amazing people that will be racing.  And hopefully my kids will get to see me finish something that I’ve wanted to do and been working toward.

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