Champion Factory is the brainchild of its founder and Principal Coach Pete Coulson; our philosophy is simple: we don’t believe in shortcuts, but instead train hard and the results will come. And Pete has twenty years of success to prove it! Pete’s experience was cemented with some of the greatest triathletes of our time, and now he specialises in formatting world-class programs to people’s everyday lives, getting the best out of each person and between family, work and social commitments.

For us, there is no ‘standard’ approach to coaching. From the beginning athletes forge a relationship with their coach so there’s an understanding from both sides on individual needs. We realise that each person has their own schedule, priorities, goals and we pride ourselves in working with each athlete to maximize the time and resources they do have to train — and their race results are the proof that it’s working.

As part of the Champion Factory team, athletes have a world of resources at their fingertips. Bike fit, run and swim analysis professionals are on hand to identify and fix issues; the deep connections to both the tri and cycling worlds means team partnerships are premium. At no point will you feel you are flying solo through this process.

Our staff take a very hands-on role with our athletes. Daily contact is expected with session feedback, and changes are made based on this feedback. This is not a ‘once a week call with coach’ type relationship. We are as invested in your goals as you are, and that makes a huge difference.

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Contact: katie@championfactorycoaching.com for more information