The Apocalypse: St George 70.3

September 13, 2016 5:19 pm

We met Jason just a few weeks before st George and the retired Marine really showed us what he was made of by battling the elements on this already brutal course. We look forward to watching his progress as the season continues.

Firstly, welcome to the team! How did you enjoy your first team experience?
-Thanks so much, I am really enjoying the CFC experience! From all the communication leading up to the event , the pre-race dinner and actually having my coach (Pete) out on the course, what more could you ask for? First Class!

What were you thinking out there while racing in these tough conditions?
-St. George is such a tough course and with the constant weather changes I was just trying to focus on race execution. Lucky for me the cold really didn’t give me any issues, see my favorite meal if you have questions here :). I have to say I was praying to stay on two wheels for most of the downhills, the wind and rain made it pretty sketchy!

What other goals do you have for this year?
-This year is pretty simple, keep improving!

You’re also a massage therapist, you must be pretty handy to have around at home?
-I don’t know about that! I am fortunate to live with my beautiful girlfriend Renata who is also a massage therapist. I definitely get the better end of deal in relation to massage.

Do you think your armed services background makes racing easier? Perhaps it’s taught you things about yourself you can draw on when the going gets tough?
-I wouldn’t say my past experiences make racing easier but they help me keep things in perspective. We are so lucky to train and race triathlon and no matter how hard the race is or how bad the weather is we are there for the love of it, might as well smile and enjoy it!

What’s your favourite post race meal?
-I’ll go on record to say my favorite pre-race/post-race/anytime favorite meal is pizza! I know, it’s not ideal but it’s soooo good.

You guys went away after the race, how were the national parks?
-Unfortunately we has to skip Zion this year. The weather was going to be worse than the race and we weren’t ready to deal with that again.

Anything else you’d like to add? Celebrity look a likes perhaps? 😉
-Ha, no…
-I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the next event!


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